Saturday, August 17, 2013

What's on the Agenda, Ginger?

I've got so many crafts and projects on my to-do list (and on my Pinterest, and floating around in my head lol) so I decided to write down a few and hopefully motivate myself to pick up the pace, get off Pinterest and finish some things that are way overdue!!

1) Organizing my master closet
2) Organizing my craft room (aka the shelves in the corner of our guest bedroom)
3) Upcycling glass bottles to decorative and/or functional pieces
4) Making the clock I promised for my daughter's new apartment
5) Finishing the darned plaque I started for my new granddaughter's room
6) Making an outhouse plaque for our guest bathroom
7) Sewing curtains for the house
8) Finish stripping the kitchen and painting it
9) Ditto on the living room
10) Start making the ornaments for our Christmas tree (I want to do a completely homemade tree with very rustic ornaments)

This is just the tip of the iceberg so if anything above sounds interesting (or you have any suggestions) keep an eye on the blog!

Keep crafy!

~ Heather ♥

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