Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quickie Craft ~ DIY Boot Cuffs just in time for fall!

Have you seen these yet? 

They're boot cuffs and they're EVERYWHERE this fall (especially on Pinterest, where I spend waaayyy too much time) But, unfortunately, for such a small chunk of material, they carry a bigger pricetag than I'm willing to pay - I've seen them for $18 and up.  So, what would you say if I told you that you can have a customized pair for about $5 with very little effort?  Yeah, that's what I thought!  Here's the scoop:

1)  Go through your closet, looking for old sweaters that you still like the look of but maybe you're tired of wearing (I don't happen to have any of these because I recently gave away all of my cast-offs - in which case, skip to step 1b ;c)

1b) Go to your local Thrift Store/yard sale and scour the racks for an appropriate sweater.  I chose two sweaters - one super soft and snuggly sweater in gorgeous fall shades and one in white cable knit (straight to me from 1993, shoulder pads included)

** if you're shopping at Sally Ann's, make sure you check what color tag is half price; yellow
was the tag color of the day so the brown sweater was $3 and the white one was $2.50

2)  Cut off the sleeves anywhere from 3-8 inches depending on how much you want to show, how high you want them to go and how much you want to scrunch them:

3) Adorn the cuffs with buttons, lace, etc. or leave them as is if you want it simple and stylish

4) Pull the cuffs onto your legs with the finished edge facing up

5) Zip up your boots

6) Look adorable having spent very little money:

Yeah - you're welcome ;c)

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