Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2013 Fall Mantel ~ Small Changes Make a Big Difference

This year I switched it up a little, trying for a new look.  My mom sent the large picture to us and it works great for the space.  On the left, I added a pot of orange flowers, a twig-framed picture of my fiance and her family, the yellow food scale (from the kitchen) and a candle holder with (battery-operated) candles that usually live on my windowsill in the kitchen.  On the right, I added a glass container with my stick colored pencils, a black candle, a rustic metal star and my pumpkins from last year that I revised with paint (I think they look less like cheap plastic dollar tree decorations (which they are) and more like real pumpkins).  Showing up again from last year are the leaves and flowers, the gold and orange Christmas ornaments, the orange vase, the bears and the sign. I brought out my cowgirl hat (last year's Halloween costume) and a small lantern filled with tiny pine cones.  On the stove, we have an antique iron, a couple candles and some berries (I'm still working on what to do with the berries ~ I never would have considered them for fall but I recently saw a fall mantle online and they looked great on it)
Painting I'm working on "Autumn Beauty"

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