Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Muse


She left. She packed her bag and slipped out as I paid her no attention. The note she left filled in the blanks. She told me that I had stopped trying; I had stopped striving for more. She told me that I'd been ignoring her and that I no longer valued her presence in my life. She was right. Days...even weeks would go by that I would forget to admire her beauty, ignore her longing pleas for attention. She deserved more. She deserved to be appreciated; to have her allure reveled in... her playfulness welcomed. She deserved to have her praises sung... her multitude of glories exalted before anyone who would listen. More importantly, if no one else would listen, she deserved my unwavering awe and appreciation. I don't know where she's gone; I don't know how to find her. If I did find her, could I ever convince her that things would be different? That I would honor her in a way she deserves? I don't know the answer but I do know that my life without her will be cold and dark.

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